Landscaping Maintenance Services in Redding, California

There’s nothing like coming home to a tastefully designed landscape. With Optimize Landscaping and Yard Maintenance in Redding, you can have an outdoor environment replete with the aesthetic touches you enjoy. We provide a full range of landscaping maintenance services for home and business owners in the Redding area.

We Help You Achieve a Beautiful Landscape

It’s not just your lawn that needs care—the garden, walkways, shrubs, and flowerbeds need regular attention as well. If you don’t have the time or the green thumb to take care of it yourself, you may be dismayed at how quickly those manzanita shrubs or rose bushes get out of control. When life gets busy, your landscape will show it.

With our services, you can create an outdoor space that your family or clients can enjoy. We offer:

  • planting (flowers, flowerbeds, ground covers, bushes, trees, and hedges);
  • pruning;
  • weeding;
  • fertilizing;
  • mulching with bark or stones; and
  • removal, modification, or replacement of existing plants.

When your landscape needs attention, Optimize Landscaping and Yard Maintenance is the team you need for the job. Whether it’s creating a new look or simply refreshing your existing look, we'll be the green thumbs that bring your landscape to life.

We specialize in landscaping maintenance—done just the way you like it.

Your landscape is an expression of your personality and taste. Let us keep your shrubs, plants, trees, and garden looking just the way you like it—free of weeds and overgrowth and full of the natural beauty that you enjoy. You'll be eager to relax in the backyard, host a barbecue, or enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch.

Get Optimize Landscaping and Yard Maintenance to provide you with full-service landscaping maintenance at your Redding home or business. And make room for more time with your family and for activities you enjoy.